Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Lady's Hat - Now Under New Ownership

Often when I called her to find out about her day, Nana would give a list of all the things she did.

She'd often done something like this:
  • stripped the bed,
  • washed the sheets,
  • done 2 other loads of laundry
  • put fresh sheets on (while the others were washing)
  • washed the kitchen floor,
  • scrubbed the deck outside... "those darned fuchsias are dropping everywhere!"
  • made rice crispie squares
  • and 3 batches of shortbread
  • checked the sales at the grocery stores
  • and planned her route
And that was when I'd called at 9:30 am... I guess she got up at 5.

More often than not, she'd say "Oh! and I did My Lady's Hat! ...daisies today!" It was one of my favourite things to hear her talk about the arrangement in her Lady's Hat. It was never wilted, always pretty, fresh and bright.

With Nana's passing, I have been entrusted with that task... and am sure to be under close scrutiny; Mom has threatened to abscond with it if she ever sees an arrangement that isn't fresh and perky. And I will do my best.

So far she has had:
  • white and green flowers for Nana's memorial,
  • pink gerberas and green chrysanthemums for a bit of cheer,
  • and pink roses (because if they are picked from your garden in November, they deserve only the best for their display).

I hope she approves.

More to follow. A lot more!
Thanks Nana.
You were a sweet fart.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I thought of canning some of these babies, but had concerns about the texture.


... Prickle-Pickle anyone?


It seems as though it has been raining every day since I can remember. Everything is soaked.


Rivers make their way toward the street drains passing piles of soggy leaves and debris on their way.

Looking back on the summer, I think of the harvest of warm green water bottles gleaned from the fence out back. Vines replenished. It would seem that the preparations for next summer's bounty have begun already.