Monday, September 25, 2006

further explorations

Hmmm... so long since I started. I have been so absent from this.

Today is my 3rd day home with a cold - I am trying to venture out of the house without changing out of my nightie... see... I made it into your place without even getting dressed and ready to leave mine! Yay!

With a head so stuffed with fluff, I don't know how much interesting stuff I can say on here at the moment (unless you're looking for an upto date commentary on the functionality of London Drugs noname brand "Hot Lemon Drink" or the durability and comfort provided by several different brands of "facial tissues").
I guess I can offer you some minor entertainment with a few photos and brief stories.

Here is a picture of a wee baby doll that a dear friend of mine bought for me. Her name is Love Batter - she's local, born in Victoria. I like to think that Dear Gilly bought her for me like a sourdough starter... something that would tempt me to love strange and wonderful things - even if they're not always pretty. Love Batter is dear. She nearly fits into a small matchbox, except that she is a bit pudgy, and her hair is too big. I like that she has her own funky way about her. And that she wears hear heart on her belly. Thank you Gilly for the lovliness that is "Love Batter".

As summer ends the ever-intriguing passion flower creeps its way up structures in every neighbourhood... product of nature? Or alien invasion? A long sought after answer.

A wee Haiku from me to you:

Exotic beauty
Peeking through fences twisting
Purple-maned lion

And now to nap and sniffle for a while. Ciao.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held it's ground. Anon