Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nearly Anonymous Sharing

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a Summer Swap that was posted on the blog La Porte Rouge. I love this blog... it is a thing of beauty. Shortly after, the blog-author, Nadia, sent the following instructions:

You are to send a package to your swap by the fifteenth of June ( give or take a day)

your package should include:

  • a music cd made by you (title it)
  • two or more postcards, handmade or bought or both
  • (one of your favorite quotes written behind one)
  • and finally included a surprise of your choice such as; edible, wearable, readable, really it is up to you!

My collection of goodies looked like this:

It includes:
  • a homemade cd, titled "Sultry & Saucy - The Sounds of Summer"
  • 2 Anne Taintor postcards
  • a paper bag book
  • a teeny-tiny box of deep purpley pearls
  • one of my favourite quotes: "Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held it's ground." (anon)
I am most excited to think of the recipient's receiving it; a "nearly anonymous" gift in the mail, packaged up in a poster full of tulips.

Even more so, I wonder if she'll like the music...
maybe sing along with the songs?
What will she, a jewellery designer, use the pearls for?
Will she write on the postcards? Who will she send them to?
And what will become of the paperbag book I made? Will she use it as a little journal? Will she collage her experiences into it?

I hope she enjoys it!

And thanks Nadia, for arranging it all! Seeing as how you've not included yourself in the swap, feel free to email me your address and I'll send you a copy of the cd! You've reminded me again of gift in giving.


nadia said...

Oh erika it looks wonderful- she will love it!! i hope you had a great time putting it together!! thank you for making this special!

kenflett said...

someone is very lucky to get a package from you. :)

...a new blog coming up, looks interesting erika.

dave said...

What a wonderful idea - and your package is fantastic!